I mourn the day you left my side

and every day that emanates from that

day. It wasn’t fair — you being taken away

from me, and now I am forced to live


alone suppressed by your memory,

over powered by your mystery.

Sarah, why couldn’t you have been stronger?

Why couldn’t you have loved me enough


To stay; here; with me?

Maybe you had no choice, maybe you had to

leave, but all the same, I am left

lingering in your stale shadows.


That day, that day you passed,

my heart paused – a moment of silence

for the loss of someone irreplaceable.

You are truly magnificent; you are horribly missed.


I loathe the day you died, and every waking

moment that passes by is a reminder of the

unbearable pain. Sarah, I love you, and now,

I mourn you.

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